I had a hard time with this one originally, but fortunately Markus Schmidt helped me out with it.

Well, I came across this problem yet again last month when installing OPENSTEP on a secondary drive for my ThinkPad. As it took me a long time to solve the problem and I know other people have had the same problem, I'll detail what I did to get it to work (in Rhapsody, but the same applies for OPENSTEP).

Base drivers:
3Com EtherLink III PCMCIA Adapter (v5.01)
ISA/EISA Bus Support (v5.01)
PCMCIA Bus Support (v5.00)
Intel 82365 PCMCIA Adapter (v5.00)

What Card?
As it turns out not all 3Com EtherLink III PCMCIA cards are equal. I got a 3C589D, the driver that comes with Rhapsody wants to see a 3C589.

So here is my Network Devices window from the Configure.app:

Clicking on "expert" brings up a new window where you can edit the driver... I changed the "PROD=3C589" to "PROD=3C589D".

And that was about it.

As for connecting beyond that, I set TCP/IP information by hand (including the DNS server address so I can see the internet). There are DHCP packages for Rhapsody (PPC) but as setting up the TCP/IP stuff wasn't that hard, I've never used any of them.

Still, someone may be interested, so here is one package that I found a long time ago for Rhapsody PPC...

Hope that helps out for any one needing this info.