I had 48 hours access to a PowerBook G3/400 Lombard, which I took advantage of by installing Rhapsody 5.6 and testing the system. But to my shock and dismay, Lombards aren't as "supported" as I had originally thought.

After installing Mac OS X Server 1.2v3 I was presented with 256 colors. Not a problem, I can just change that to thousands or millions right? Wrong. It only recognizes 256 colors.

Okay, small hurdle. I'll just force the system to let me pick from all possible display modes (the command
defaults write Preferences NSEnableShowAllDisplayModes YES). But I still only get 256 colors.

Maybe something was removed from Mac OS X Server 1.2v3 (though I was under the impression that the "v3" version added additional hardware support, not removed it), so I installed Mac OS X Server 1.2 (seeing as both are Rhapsody 5.6). No luck, still only giving me 256 colors.

Is 256 colors that bad?

Yes. Seeing as the main thing I do in Rhapsody is graphic/web design types of things, not having at least thousands is quite a major impact on the work environment.

So, how hard did I try to solve this issue? Part of the reason for pointing out that I had 48 hours on this was that I spent most of that time attempting to find any type of work around.

Even though you can install Rhapsody on a Lombard, it fails to provide the mobile workstation environment that I had envisioned when I had read reports of successful installations.

Based on this and my previous experiences with Rhapsody on other PowerBooks, I would have to say that the Wallstreet is the ideal choice for a Rhapsody PowerBook.

Like Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, what I've found is that the PowerBook 3400c and PowerBook G3 Kanga have displays that are too small (800x600), and that the PowerBook G3 Lombard won't display enough colors (256 colors)... but the PowerBook G3 Wallstreet is just right (1024x768 at thousands or millions).

UPDATE: It was pointed out to me by Michael Wheeler that there is another, rather daunting, obstacle to installing Rhapsody on PowerBook G3 Lombards. It seems that the systems that come with DVD-ROM drives are nearly impossible to install Rhapsody on (without replacing the drive with a CD-ROM drive) and that even after the installation, you would have no access to CDs in Rhapsody with the DVD-ROM drive in the PowerBook.

Additional references on this issue can be found here:
1. Mulle kybernetiK: Installing Mac OS X Server 1.2 on Lombard 400 MHz Powerbooks with a DVD drive
2. Stepwise: Mac OS X Server - Unsupported Installation - PowerBook G3s

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2006-08-24 00:40:01 -0500