Rhapsody Timeline
This page is more for historical reference than anything else. Most people believe that Rhapsody ended with the release of Developer Release 2 (that idea was fueled by articles about Apple killing off Rhapsody around the time of WWDC 98). In all actuality Rhapsody survived, and even though Apple only shipped it as a Server OS... it still shipped. And it continued to ship until the summer of 2001.

The dates...
These are the dates that I've collected. I've included dates for Mac OS X as Mac OS X is referenced in the visual timeline below.
Jan 1997- OPENSTEP 4.2 (distributed as Prelude to Rhapsody in July 1997)

31 Aug 1997- Rhapsody 5.0 (Rhapsody Developer Release)

14 May 1998- Rhapsody 5.1 (Rhapsody Developer Release 2)

16 Mar 1999- Rhapsody 5.3 (Mac OS X Server 1.0)

15 April 1999- Rhapsody 5.4 (Mac OS X Server 1.0.1)

10 May 1999- Mac OS X Developer Preview

22 Jul 1999- Rhapsody 5.5 (Mac OS X Server 1.0.2)

10 Nov 1999- Mac OS X Developer Preview 2

14 Jan 2000- Rhapsody 5.6 (Mac OS X Server 1.2)

14 Feb 2000- Mac OS X Developer Preview 3

15 May 2000- Mac OS X Developer Preview 4

13 Sep 2000- Mac OS X Public Beta

27 Oct 2000- Rhapsody 5.6 (Mac OS X Server 1.2v3)

24 Mar 2001- Mac OS X v10.0

Summer 2001- Apple discontinues sales of Mac OS X Server 1.2v3 and starts preorders for Mac OS X Server v10.0.3
The Timeline...
Part of the reason for putting this graphic together was to also show the lineage of these operating systems. I felt it was important to see what came before each version to help trace them back.

Note: What is not shown is the introduction of Carbon which was demonstrated by Apple running in Rhapsody at WWDC 98 and was added to Mac OS X at Developer Preview 2 (I believe).

Carbon is based on the application environment designed for Copland after developers had let it be known that they did not want to completely rewrite their apps for Copland (the same thing they would later say about Rhapsody). Carbon, though impressive in how it worked at WWDC 98, was far from being as ready as Apple had thought (many people didn't consider it usable until the release of Mac OS X v10.2 in August of 2002).

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