Getting the hardware and software to play nicely is an important part of running any system. I'll try to point out the paths of least resistance towards getting a Rhapsody system up and running. And I'll take some time to address some of the issues I've seen come up quite often.
Index of Topics:
Rhapsody System Requirements
Rhapsody 5.1 for Intel Driver List
OPENSTEP 4.x and NEXTSTEP 3.3 for Intel Driver List
Installing Rhapsody 5.1 on an Apple PowerBook 3400/G3 (Stepwise)
Mac OS X Server (Rhapsody) - Hardware Compatibility (Stepwise)
Mac OS X Server 1.0 to 1.2: System Requirements (Apple Computer)
Installing a 3Com Etherlink III PCMCIA Card
Running Rhapsody on a PowerBook 3400c
Rhapsody Hardware Experience
Rhapsody Compatible Video Cards
Running Rhapsody on a PowerBook G3 Lombard
Running Rhapsody on a PowerBook G3 Kanga
Rhapsody Compatible Laptop List